Soon Global Warming Skeptics Won’t Have an Ice Shelf To Stand On!

The global warming facts are very simple, the composition of the earth’s atmosphere does affect the earth’s climate due to the well known and undisputed greenhouse effect. CO2 levels are higher today than they were 100 years ago due to mankind’s burning of vast amounts of fossil fuels combined with massive destruction of forests globally.

The earth’s atmospheric CO2 levels would be even higher today if it were not for the oceans absorbing more than 25% of it, in turn creating a whole new host of problems for the world’s oceans.

For a great debate on climate change, watch the 2 hour Munk Debate on climate change from December 1 2009, featuring:


Elizabeth May

We need to look at all of Canada’s priorities, but we must address the climate crisis . . . if we fail to address it, nothing else we do makes any difference.”

George Monbiot
“The real costs of climate change are not measured in dollars and pounds, the real costs are measured in lives and in ecosystems . . . immeasurable.”


Bjorn Lomborg

. . . we are knowingly squandering colossal sums of money (on climate change) while fractional sums can save millions of lives right now.”

Lord Nigel Lawson

We have entered a new age of unreason which threatens to be as economically harmful as it is disquieting. It is from this, above all, that we need to save the planet.”

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