Battery Blog is owned and operated by Energy Storage Instruments Inc., covering current state of the art in battery news, views and education.

Battery Blog’s editor in chief is Randy Smith, B.Sc. electrical engineering, and president of Energy Storage Instruments.

Energy Storage Instruments designs and manufactures battery analyzer, battery charger and battery tester equipment for all types of rechargeable batteries.

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  1. Hello,
    it would be nice if you could do a few more cycle tests of li-ion batteries to address some questions that repeatedly pop up on the internet but that are rarely if ever satisfactorily addressed.
    Namely: how many full-discharge-cycle equivalents do you get if you cycle a li-ion battery at 50-0%, 75-25% and 100-50%? In other words, is fully charging (up to 4.20 V) worse for the battery than fully discarging it?

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